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Patron Saints of Health Care Workers

Healthcare workers deliver care and services to the sick and ailing either directly as doctors and nurses or indirectly as aides, helpers, laboratory technicians, and medical waste handlers. The nature of their job puts them at risk of catching communicable diseases including COVID-19.

We have created a list of alphabetical saints to call on during these troubling times. Most medical fields are covered.

If we carry the saint their name will be in bold print and will be a clickable link that takes you to the medal.

Agatha -  nurses

Albertus Magnus - medical technicians, scientists

Alexius - nurses

Apollonia: dentists, denistry

Basil the Great - hospital administrators

Blaise - veterinarians

Brigid - medicine, healers

Camillus of Lellis - Nurses, hospital workers

Catherine of Alexandria - nurses

Catherine of Siena - nurses, nursing services

Cosmas & Damian - doctors, pharmacists, surgeons

Dymphna - mental health professionals, psychiatrists, therapists

Elizabeth of Hungary - nursing services

Francis Xavier Cabrini - hospital administrators

Gemma Galgani - pharmacists

James the Greater - pharmacists, veterinarians

John of God - hospital workers, nurses

Jude - hospital workers

Lucy - opticians

Luke - doctors, surgeons

Margaret of Antioch - nurses

Martha - dieticians

Mary Magdalene - pharmacists

Michael the Archangel - EMTs, paramedics, ambulance drivers, first responders

Paul the Apostle - hospital public relations

Raphael the Archangel - doctors, pharmacists, nurses, healing

Raymond - midwives, obstetricians

Roch (Rocco) - surgeons (he is also the patron saint of plagues, pandemics and infectious diseases)

Sebastian - doctors