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Welcome to Small Devotions!

Small Devotions is an online retail store based in Willoughby, Ohio that was created in 2016 by Jennifer Ballash who has been selling vintage and antique items online for many years.

While out and about sourcing items for her vintage shop, Jenn couldn't help but notice how drawn she was to religious and spiritual items and soon amassed a large collection. She began selling these pieces in her vintage shop and realized they were quickly becoming her favorite items to research. She fell in love with the history, the stories, and the symbolism behind these pieces and decided she wanted to devote more than a small section in her vintage shop to them. That's how the idea of Small Devotions was born.

A jewelry supply shop that combines the old with the new. Beautifully detailed pieces imported from Italy combined with vintage and antique items that have been well loved and prayed over for generations. Her hope is that this eclectic mix of new and old will inspire your jewelry projects, arts & crafts projects, or maybe even inspire unique ideas for home decor.

As the store grows, you will see many different styles of religious items represented, please do not be offended that this space is shared with different religions, cultures, and ideas... hopefully, we can coexist peacefully! 

If you have any questions or you are looking for something in particular, you can reach Jenn here: info@smalldevotions.com

While browsing the store you might notice the beach theme in the product photography. Jenn uses driftwood, stones, and other natural elements that she has collected during her travels and near her home in Northeastern Ohio.

*Small Devotions is a one woman owned and operated business, however throughout the website you will see the pronouns 'we/us' used referring to the business as an entity.

Lake Erie in Madison, Ohio

 A little bit about me...


I grew up on a small farm in rural Northeast Ohio. My love for old things started at an early age working in a barn full of rusty old farm equipment. Tractors, machinery and horse tack that looked as though it had seen better days but still served an important purpose. I could see the story behind the work worn horseshoes and rusty nails that had fallen from beams of a roof set in place long before my hands started picking through its treasures. I could see the simple beauty in items that others simply saw as junk. Underneath this dust and scrap is where my small collection of relics began.

From horseshoes, keys, and rusty old nails to antique bottles and animal bones found buried in the back pasture, the elements that once adorned my childhood bedroom are the same ones that now adorn my adulthood home. Small pieces of the past that I have carried with me for years or picked up along the way at yard sales, junk shops, and flea markets. As I grew older, my desire to explore and discover new things led me to travel throughout the US, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. While overseas, I was inspired by a completely new history and culture so different from my own rural roots. I brought home many trinkets and treasures to add to my collection, uniquely blending the comforts of old and new to tell my story in the home around me.

I moved back to Ohio in 2008 and just recently purchased my very first home that I share with my three dogs and my cat, Byrdie. On most weekends you'll find my hanging out with friends and family or out on the road on my vintage Honda Rebel.