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Product Outages and COVID-19 Update

covid-19 inventory product restock

We apologize for the amount of out of stock items in the shop right now. The majority of our stock comes from Italy and given the rapid spread of the COVID-19 we are experiencing significant challenges in filling orders from suppliers. Many of the Italian factories are closed and others are under restricted operating hours which is causing serious stock/inventory issues and will continue to do so for some time. The companies we work with are complying with the restrictions of the local and national governments in Italy, the European Union, and the United States. 

Please check back in the "NEWS and INFO" section for updates on restocked items. Included below is a list of Patron Saints for our friends and families who are working with the public right now. We do not have all of the saints in stock but you can find most of them in the store under PATRON SAINTS.

I truly appreciate your patience in these troubling times.  

Stay safe -  Jenn

Agatha - nurses
Albertus Magnus - medical technicians, scientists
Alexius - nurses

Basil the Great - hospital administrators
Brigid - medicine, healers

Cajetan (Cayetano) - unemployed, job seekers
Camillus of Lellis - nurses, hospital workers
Catherine of Alexandria - nurses, librarians
Catherine of Siena - Italian nurses
Cosmas - doctors, pharmacists, surgeons

Damian - doctors, pharmacists, surgeons
Dymphna - mental health professionals, psychiatrists, therapists

Elizabeth of Hungary - nursing services

Frances Xavier Cabrini - hospital administrators

Gemma Galgani - pharmacists
Gabriel the Archangel - postal workers

John of God - hospital workers, nurses
Jude - hospital workers

Luke the Evangelist - doctors, surgeons

Margaret of Antioch - nurses
Mary Magdalene - pharmacists
Michael the Archangel - paramedics, grocers

Nicholas of Myrna - merchants

Pantaleon - doctors, midwives, physicians
Paul the Apostle - hospital public relations

Raphael the Archangel - doctors, pharmacists, nurses
Raymond - midwives, obstetricians
Roch - surgeons

Thomas More - civil servants, court clerks, government employees, politicians

Patron saints for the National Guard include St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joan of Arc and St. George

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